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Customer Testimonials

“When I unwrapped my Aura Soul Drawing, I was in awe of an amazing presence that covered me in goose bumps and I was so excited, it was and still every day is an amazing energy that captivates me”.

When I leave home to go to work, I have a smile on my face knowing that I grow spiritually every day.

Rachel is a warm and vibrant and a gifted healer and artist.  

I recommend Rachel immensely. Vicki Yeppoon

Wow, thank you for my healing session, I felt so light! JL-Kenmore

"Very intuitive healer. Lovely comfortable experience. Still feeling the effects days later. " N Armanno, Pullenvale, QLD

Rachel Auton is an excellent Intuitive Artist that shares her wonderful work and insights in the most clear and loving way, she's accurate and precise. Excellent person with a great and prompt customer service.  I highly recommend Rachel's work to anyone it's and excellent investment to know more about yourself and get confirmation of your purpose in life.  Great option for a present to your love ones." Glenda Heyer, USA

" Rachel is a very gifted intuitive and artist/healer. Just being around her makes you feel better. I have some of her amazing art here at home and it is absolutely treasured. What a gift to have Rachel, and what a gift to receive for someone else as a present or a gift to self. I recommend that you let Rachel share her gift with you too!! Rachel is so sincere and full of love and light "  - P Taylor, New Zealand

I have ordered 5 drawings so far from Rachel and am never disappointed. She has beautiful energy which emanates from the artworks and her messages are always spot on." - R Curtieus, The Gap, QLD

"I had a Healing session with Rachel, I left feeling so uplifted, light and energised. Rachel has the most beautiful energy, a special gift. She reaffirmed to me how good it is to live life positive and keep thanking the universe."
~ Yvette, Paddington, Queensland
"Hey Rachel, 
Many blessings to you for allowing me into your house, your warmth and generosity is greatly appreciated. Also thanks for your love and support on my journey with REIKI, I am awake and flexible with how my journey in life is – at this stage unknown – as you mentioned no doubt with love from my angels and spiritual guides it will be a blessing – note: reminder: everyone is unique – thank you. "VL, Rockhampton