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Spirit Animal Totem Drawing - A3


An A3 ( Medium) Psychic /Spirit Animal Totem Drawing is of one your spirit animals and will include brief messages from your animal. They are done in soft chalk pastels on paper 29.74cm x 42cm and cost only $85.00.

As I am a channel for spirit and the angels all drawings are embedded with healing energy, love energy, light energy, dna codes etc to help raise your vibration, you will find the drawings and messages uplifting and empowering. The readings are to benefit your souls growth.

After payment has been made please email me your full name and a recent photo of yourself, the photo must contain just you, a head and shoulder works best with (no sunglasses). I will schedule a drawing within 3 - 10 working days of request/payment depending on my schedule.

FREE SHIPPING - Postage and Packaging is included in the price woldwide.

Current turn around time is 2-4 weeks


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